About Us

Paul Stortz (Mr.Funsocks) - Co-Founder, owner, administrator

Mario Magdic (Mario) - Co-Founder, coder, administrator

James Kerst (Dreadlord12) - Co-Founder, administrator

Game Apollo
Game Apollo was started in 2006 by gamers who previously met and worked as staff at Command & Conquer Files website. At first, the site was managed by PHP Nuke CMS. In March 2007 we launched our Trailers section, with the goal to deliver gaming related videos to our users.
This includes trailers, gameplay videos, tutorials, video reviews and many others.

As our features continued to grow, it was harder and harder to integrate everything with the PHP Nuke system. In March 2008, one year after the launch of our Trailers section, we decided that it was time switch to our own, custom made system. The new system was launched on September 1st, 2008 and is in beta stage since.

Our goal is to make the site easy to use, and to improve gaming experince of our users. Either by giving them information about games or by allowing them to communicate with each other and share links and images trough our social networking platform.

These are our principles:

  1. The site should always be easy to use, navigation should be simple, and the design should be clean. This means no large images, and no flash animations.
  2. Advertisements must not interfere with users interaction with our site. This means, no pop-ups, no ads hovering over text, and no flashing or otherwise distracting banners.
  3. All content is available to all users. We will not restrict unregistered users from reading news or using our downloads. Registration is just there to for features that would be impossible without a way to recognize users.
  4. No spam. We don't email our users or contact them unless they opt-in for it. That means that you won't receive newsletters, or any other forms of notifications unless you specifically say you want that.
  5. We take social networking seriously. Unlike on other SN sites, here we require our user to submit gaming or tech related content, and we forbid unnecessary comments. This means that you will never be requested to add a thousand send beer/send car/what is your dream vacation applications. All apps available were made by us and are there because they might be usefull to gamers.
  6. No unnecessary Javascript. Javascript is here to make things better. We don't use javascript for useless features like text following your mouse.
  7. Everyone is invited. This site does not focus only on hard core gamers. If you're a casual gamer, we've got something for you too. We can teach you more about games.

Below is a list of available features, features in developement and planned features.

Available Features

Latest news from the gaming and the tech world.

Reviews written by our users or our staff. This is where you can express your opinions about a game.

Game Pages
Every game in our database has it's own home page on our site (in the form of www.gameapollo.com/games/game/ID/game-name.html) which links to other pages containing content for that game.

Gaming videos. This includes trailers, gameplay and other.

In-game images showing off a part of gameplay.

Rating Guide
Game ratings from various rating systems explained. ESRB, PEGI, CERO and others.

Platform, Developer and Publisher info
This is where you can find more info about a certain platform, developer or a publisher.

Social Networking
Social Networking for gamers. This includes blogs, user albums and social bookmarks.

You can visit us from a mobile device and download wallpapers for your phone. In case you're in a middle of a debate you can quickly find some info about any game from anywhere. (as long as you have signal)
Reach Game Apollo Mobile from http://mobile.gameapollo.com/

Features in developement

Your own personalised page where you receive notifications in case new content was added for your favorite games, where you save your bookmarks and share them with others, calendar with game release dates, apps and many other features.

If you are a webmaster and wish to include game info, screenshots, downloads or trailers on your site, you'll be able to register for an API key and use our APIs on your site to display content mentioned above. Under certain terms and conditions of course.

Planned Features

Free limited clan hosting. This is may include clan membership, image galleries and custom designs. Good for those who wish to start a clan but don't know how to build their own clan web.

Gaming Web Search
We plan on indexing clan and mod pages sometime in the future. First crawls will be very small and on a limited amount of pages, just to test out our bots.

Check back often to see if the list of features has changed.