Download Skyrim Mod SDK! (Creation Kit)

Bethesda has released their mod sdk for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. They code named it the “Creation Kit”, since “sdk” was too mainstream…

Anyway, this is what they had to say about the release:

ZeniMax® Media Inc. today announced that the Creation Kit™, a free tool that allows PC players to create their own custom content for Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, has been enthusiastically received by PC gamers who have been uploading, downloading, and installing custom content through the Skyrim Workshop on Steam. Within a week of the release of the Creation Kit, gamers have downloaded more than 2 million mods via the Skryim Workshop. More than 2,500 mods have been published by the gaming community, all of which are available for free.

The creation kit does look really cool, but I have to question a few things. They want you to use Steam exclusively. You can publish mods to Steam with a built in button in the Creation Kit, and you can only download the Creation Kit through Steam. This is bad. Sure, it makes it easy to share your mods, but at what cost? You give your soul to Steam. You no longer have a gaming community, you have a Steam community.

Maybe I’m just paranoid.

Here’s the official video of the Creation Kit in action. It’s pretty suave.


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