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Zero Hour Reborn v4.0: The Rise to Power

Download nameZero Hour Reborn v4.0: The Rise to Power
Game: Command and Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour
Author: Nuker
Category: Total Conversion Mods
File Size: 50.89MB
MD5 Hash: 52a014451c2724aad5022f764753b2ae
Version: 4.0
Downloaded 38383 times.
Added on: Mar, 30th 2009 12:19 AM (00:19)
I know you want to like it ;)

Zero Hour Reborn is the fourth installment in the series made by Nuker. I actually remember beta testing this back in the day. This file is not the newest of Zero Hour mods, but personally, v4.0 was the best version out there. In v4.0, the player gets to be all of the new generals and all of the old generals giving customization to everyone. Try this mod out, you will not be disappointed.

This mod is exclusive to its author. Nuker gave the rights to tell others where to download to Silent_Killer1. Please contact him if you want to host this file elsewhere.

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Zero Hour Reborn V4.0 Rise To Power

Created By: Nuker/Decimator

File Size- around 50MB (Sorry for all you 56k people)

Run The installation program

1. Start
2. All Programs
3. Zero Hour Reborn V4.0 Rise to Power
4. Uninstall Zero Hour Reborn V4.0 Rise to Power
5. Repair Zero Hour

Special Thanks to....
All of my BETA Testers
Brian of the Blackhawk mods
Airforce Mod creator
Models from CnC Renclips Community
Pestilence for some awesome models
Thanks to Slephiner for the new Window
Thanks to the creator of the Westwood tribute

This mod finishes up the Reborn series...perhaps....

Version History
From Version 1.0 to 4.0 a total of 9 NEW Generals have been added
3 Field Commanders have been added to each side, vanilla USA, China, GLA
Total of over 5000 modifications
This mod was designed for Multiplay with other humans. Computer does not use new sides.In another version i may program the ai for the orignal generals

New pics
Weapon balances
Armor balances
New units
New buildings
New Load Screen
New Openining movies
2 New Tracks
New Shell Map
NEW USA Campaign (3 missions)

Last Comments

Please Please Pleas DO NOT Edit anything then post it as your own work. Also please ask my permission before taking any of my ideas. THanks

Thanks for downloading and have fun. O yea by the way people if you can do GOOD coding, model/skin then you may want to help
me with my HALO TC (Design 80% Finished)

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