Mass Effect 3 Review

Mass Effect returns!

In the 3rd addition, you are again in control of Commander Shepard. All the old characters have returned with great model upgrades which is really cool for old fans of the series. The player models look great, it looks like Bioware really put some time into their the models, skins, and animation; they work flawlessly. Mass Effect 3 has more of an added emphasis of the decisions you made in Mass Effect 1 and 2. In the previous games, maybe you wouldn’t notice the effects of your actions as much as you do in Mass Effect 3. It works really well as a RPG in this area. Also, weapons are highly customizable with various upgrades for each weapon. There is more of an emphasis on combat as well, which I think

works for the series. The graphics are fantastic, but there are some occasional texture issues — not enough to justify saying the graphics are bad though. They are great, don’t get me wrong. Framerate is faster in comparison to Mass Effect 1 and 2, which makes combat smooth and crisp.

Instead of resource gathering being slow and boring like the previous games in the series, resource gathering in Mass Effect 3 is much improved. There is no cap to the amount of probes you can build. Gathering works more like a mini-game. Scanning is also more fun now as they made it a type of mini-game as well. There are much, much more conversation options than in the previous games. This is great because I always felt “cheated” when I could only respond to a limited amount of choices. Mass Effect 3 definitely fixes this problem. It took me around 50 hours to play through the single player, so it’s definitely worth the money. Replay value is high due to the great multiplayer gaming. It’s really fun. Kinect works flawlessly and is a really nice feature. You don’t have to pause every time you want to select an option, letting you get to the action fast. If you own a Xbox 360 and a Kinect, you should probably pick this game up. You’ll thank me for it later. This is arguably the best Mass Effect in the series. Bioware did a fantastic job with this game.

This game is nearly perfect. Aside from some repetitive battle sequences and the rare texture issues, it is almost perfect. GameApollo gives this game a:



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