The Sims 3: Showtime Review

ANOTHER EXPANSION PACK? Wow, Electronic Arts sure is original.

Jaming Out?

Ok, let’s be honest, we knew EA was going to beat The Sims 3 into the ground like the last 2, but this time I think they didn’t deliver anything of value. When I first heard of this expansion, to be honest, I was excited because I thought it would be like The Sims: Superstar. I absolutely loved Superstar because it allowed your Sim to be a Hollywood big shot. Showtime allows your Sim to be more like a generic entertainer, not a movie star.

Showtime comes with one new world: Starlight Shores. It looks like they put about an hour worth of work into it. They put multiple jobs into one building, which just shows how little effort they seemed to put into this expansion pack. Ironically, the world doesn’t contain a movie studio. Yep, I was pissed. I saw in different worlds (That my girlfriend paid for), there was an actor and director career path. They wouldn’t even include that into Starlight Shores, which is supposed to be about being a famous! Ugh. The houses are generic as well, with nothing too inspiring. There is a noteworthy story of a bitter divorce with the husband living in the pool house, but other than that, not inspired at all.

The new careers are a joke. They are more like Ambitions in a sense that you have to “play through” your job. You have to set up your venue and

The Uninspired Starlight Shores

get gigs by asking business owners around town. This would be alright if it didn’t make the game feel broken. These careers would be nearly impossible to maintain with a moderately large family of Sims, so honestly, they are kind of useless.

The new objects compliment the careers in pretty much all aspects. The only exception would be the skeeball game, photo booth, and the golf driving range. Again, I felt like I paid too much for the game with barely any new objects and a half-assed world.

SimPort would be cool if everyone in the world lived on Facebook, but I don’t. I imagine it would be good for a group of friends who play the Sims and go on Facebook, but again, I don’t have anyone to play The Sims 3 with besides people I haven’t talked to in years.

And then they try to sell me the other two editions: limited and Katy Perry. I’m not spending more money for special venues and clothing that I’m not going to use because the new careers require too much time. But I mean, if you like that, go for it.

I was expecting The Sims 3: Showtime to be like The Sims: Superstar. It’s not at all. I was disappointed and I feel like it wasn’t even an average expansion pack. With the awkward careers and the new world that looks like a generic Hollywood, GameApollo gives this a:



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